Fawn Kemble is a 40-something single Christian geek girl. A nerd from day one, she was born to Christian artists and teachers and spent her life trying to navigate the rough seas of the modern American church.

She is a Library Associate at the city library by day, a freelance counselor by night. She has a BA in English from The University of California, Santa Barbara and an MA in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s University. Her past careers include:

  • a stint as a Sears Portrait Studio photographer (it was the 90’s, we all still went to those)
  • shelving lots of book and watching over the periodicals at the UCSB library
  • a few years better equipping families at risk of losing their children to foster care for Olive Crest Family Preservation and mentoring pre-teen and teenage girls suffering from neglect and abuse
  • acting as the sole Administrative Assistant and Admissions Officer for the burgeoning MABS program at The Master’s College (now University)
  • 8 years of teaching English at Pacifica Christian High School, 6 of which she was the English Department Chair
  • reading books aloud to kids as a school librarian

She has also worked part time for a couple of different churches in their Biblical Counseling ministries, and helped develop a counseling training program and a women’s writing team at her home church, Cornerstone West Los Angeles.

Before Covid times, most of her non-work hours were spent debating, eating, and laughing with her family and friends and living that Auntie life. She reads a lot, watches way too much Netflix and Disney+ and is always dreaming of her next adventure abroad. Her community is made up of a prayer group, book club, writer’s group, church, and friends and family scattered over many cities, states, countries, and continents.

She loves God and tries to love people.