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Fawn Kemble is a 40-something single Christian geek girl. A nerd from day one, she was born to Christian artists and teachers and spent her life trying to navigate the rough seas of the modern American church.

She’s currently an elementary school librarian by day and counselor by night. She has a BA in English from The University of California, Santa Barbara and an MA in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s University. Her past careers include:

  • a stint as a Sears Portrait Studio photographer (it was the 90’s, we all still went to those)
  • shelving lots of book and watching over the periodicals at the UCSB library
  • a few years better equipping families at risk of losing their children to foster care for Olive Crest Family Preservation and mentoring pre-teen and teenage girls suffering from neglect and abuse
  • acting as the sole Administrative Assistant and Admissions Officer for the burgeoning MABS program at The Master’s College (now University)
  • 8 years of teaching English at Pacifica Christian High School, 6 of which she was the English Department Chair

She has also worked part time for a couple of different churches in their Biblical Counseling ministries, and helped develop a counseling training program and a women’s writing team at her previous home church, Cornerstone West Los Angeles. Since moving out of LA, she attends Grace Chapel and helps facilitate their GriefShare ministry.

Most of her non-work hours are spent debating, eating, and laughing with her family and friends or having tea parties with her little niece and nephew and various stuffed animals. She reads a lot, watches way too much Netflix, and is always dreaming of her next adventure abroad. Her community is made up of a prayer group, book club, writer’s group, and friends and family scattered over many cities, states, countries, and continents.

She loves God and tries to love people.