When an Awkward Blogger Gets Writer’s Block

I’m going to be completely transparent here – I’ve been having a difficult time coming up with ideas for The Awkward Spinster for a few months now. You may have noticed, dear readers, that my every-Monday-posting that was pretty regular for the past couple of years (with a couple of breaks here and there) has become every other week, or even once a month since the holidays. Sigh. Perhaps I’ve been embracing my inner sloth.

It’s not that I’ve been more busy than usual, or can blame the cold I had or being out of town, because that stuff has always happened. It’s mostly because I can’t come up with things to write. I don’t want to NOT write, it just keeps happening. I even have a list of ideas, but none of them seem interesting to me, and if they’re not interesting to me, I doubt I can write on them well enough to be interesting to you. I haven’t been brave enough to post if I think it’s not going to be “good enough.”

Perhaps that’s part of the problem? I know blogs are a place where writers can be more casual, where we can journal and brainstorm and freestyle, but I’ve always struggled with that side of things. My first experience in blogging was a 3 year stint writing posts for my church. My pieces had to be thoughtful, well-designed, biblically grounded, and complete. I was responsible to not only my pastors, but my church body. The other main writing I did in my life was for the school at which I taught – lessons, curriculum, chapel talks, etc. Always with an audience to whom and for whom I was responsible, always from a position of teaching.

Other than intermittent journaling throughout my entire life – mostly when I travel or am more depressed than usual – I haven’t ever just written for myself.

I’m not sure what that would even look like, not sure what my style would be if I wasn’t constantly thinking of my audience and my responsibility to them, my responsibility to my boss, school, or church, and ultimately, God.

The irony of this is that I’ve never been that important. What I’ve written has never been big or groundbreaking, it’s never had a huge audience or a publishing deal relying on it. The pressure I’ve felt is at least 70% just from me, not from these outside entities. Call it perfectionism, pride, fear of disappointing others, high standards, whatever. It’s mostly me. Isn’t that usually how these things go?

So, this year, brace yourselves; the Awkward Spinster is going to get, well, even more AWKWARD. I’m going to try to get back to my usual weekly posts, but in order to do so, they may kind of suck. Yep. Sometimes I have it in me to research, write multiple drafts, ponder an idea for days and weeks first, and put something together of which I can be proud. But other days, days like today, my blog is going to contain some “verbal vomit.” This is, after all, my blog, not a book or sermon or lesson plan. Perhaps I’ll lose some readers, and I won’t feel as important or helpful, but I think it’s better than me feeling so much pressure from myself that I just stop writing all together.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with me along the way. Seriously, dear readers, you are much appreciated. And I hope that at least some of you will come along for the ride as I try to find my voice once I figure out how to mute some of the more judgmental ones in my head.

10 thoughts on “When an Awkward Blogger Gets Writer’s Block”

  1. Feeling similar about my anonymous intimate partner abuse blog – now that I have got to a better place myself, my drive is waning, but for the sake of other confused and questioning survivors I don’t want to stop. ☺

    1. It’s strange how much easier it is to write when things are going badly. Here’s hoping you and I both can figure out our voices when we’re doing well!

  2. I always enjoy reading your blogs. You are very gifted. (No pressure to write though! Take the time you need. ❤)

  3. Honestly, I’ve been coming to terms with my own, strange relationship with self-doubt and arrogant-perfectionism sandwiches. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to them; they taste horrible and I’ve certainly been given some gnosh-worthy alternatives, but I’m glad that I’m not the only one who suffers from habitually revisiting unhelpful pairings.

    While I enjoy your writing, it’s always been your honesty that I’ve loved. And shared with others. As long as you promise to keep your posts true, I promise to always read them. Most of the time.

    1. Hehe – you reading most of the time is more than I deserve. ❤️ I’ll do my best to keep up the honesty.

      1. You deserve the nothing less than the best, Fawn; I won’t hear otherwise! And I hope that someday you believe that, too.

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